2011 NANBF Natural Cascades Classic - June 25, 2011
Bellevue, WA

This was a great show, promoted by IFPA Pro Figure/Pro Masters Bodybuilder Marla Battles.  It was upbeat and entertaining, starting with a super introduction of all the athletes to Michael Jackson's "Thriller", complete with monsters and fog!  Then an introduction by mistress of ceremonies, Jan Rowlett an IFPA Pro Bodybuilder.  She in turn, introduced Marla Battles, the promoter and Katy Wayman-White, NANBF Head Judge and IFPA Pro. 

The NANBF is starting to get a foothold in Washington State, so it's nice to see Natural Bodybuilding not only surviving, but thriving with the support of these dedicated pros and also the support of family and friends who came to support and cheer the athletes in the show. 

It was a smaller show with lots of enthusiasim, but watch for next year, because, like the athletes who competed, this show will grow and grow.  See you at this show next year!

Jan Rowlett, MC Katy Wayman-White
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