2012 Northwest Royal Natural Bodybuilding, Figure,
Extreme Fit, Physique & Bikini Championships
Guest Posers
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The NW Royal Natural Judges

John F Nickerson produced his first ever show, at the Issaquah Community Center in Issaquah, Washington.   With 35 competitors, it was a great first show.  There were many outstanding, quality athletes, some teriffic guest posers, including Marla Battles, Freedom Tangeman, Benny Mobley and Cleveland Thomas, all IFPA Pros. Emcee for the show was David Patterson, Dr. Buff, who kept the show rolling and fun.  Special awards were given out too, for first competitor to enter the contest, Micah Massey, to the first person to purchase a ticket, Robert Binford.  First shows are always fun, nerve wracking, crazy, but everyone pulled together a most awesome show and a great venue.  Congrats to John Nickerson, his lovely wife, Ebie, and his dedicated staff for producing a fine show. (Pages being updated constantly, check back for more). 

First Place winners
Nikiya Dunmore, Best Female Presenter
A show like this proves it pays to be all natural.  NANBF is an organization dedicated to Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness.  Check out more about them.  And hope to see you compete here next year!
Awards on display
The Competitors
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