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Kim Farrison, Kontrolled Kaos

The 2012 Oregon Ironman in Lincoln City, Oregon had another very impressive show! 222 athletes competed, which is possibly the biggest Ironman ever!  Every year there are more amazing physiques on stage and this year was even more amazing. 

The Bikini division is now second only to Women's Figure as the largest division, far overshadowing bodybuilding.  The Men's Physique Division has tripled in size, with three divisions this year, Men over 35, Men under 5 11, Men over 5 11.  It's rapidly catching up to Men's bodybuilding, but don't think for a minute bodybuilding is on its way out. Many still consider this to be a bodybuilding show. 

New this year is Women's Physique.  A brief but concise description can be said like this:  "Women’s physique competitors should have the overall aesthetics and look that is found in figure with a little more overall muscularity."  The Women's physique was already as large as the Women's bodybuilding division in this show.  Expect it to grow even more in the future. 

There were many competitive classes but a couple were very hard to judge.  The Figure Women under 5'6 was very difficult, the judges kept calling out competitors over and over.  This class has really upped the ante and the women were all spot on in their physiques.  Another class was the Men's Physique under 5'11.  Not only was it the largest physique class, these gentlemen could have come straight off a magazine cover. They best fit the description of ripped and in shape with more than enough muscularity to hold their own against many of the male bodybuilders.

So many people I have talked to and met at the Ironman say they always come back because of the friendliness of everyone and the attention to detail during these shows and how much they always look forward to coming back.  One competitor I know, Dale Morshige, has been at every show I've been to during the last dozen years. Others say that noone puts on a production like RK Smith Productions.  It's a testament to them that the Ironman grows every year, because of the amazing RK Smith crew and all the amazing athletes!

More to come very soon!


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