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2013 Oregon Ironman
Lincoln  City, Oregon
May 18, 2013
This is the biggest Oregon Ironman ever.  243 entries, huge classes in Men's Physique, Women's Physique, Bikini, Men and Women's Bodybuilding and Women's Figure, Fitness and Mixed pairs, were also represented.  What can you say about the quality production put on by RK Smith Productions?  It was awesome!  Kim "Kong" Farrison started off the show as always, keeping the audience tuned in and excited to see what was going to happen next.  After the National Anthem was performed, off with the show!  Kim introduced the promoters, Ron and Sue Smith  who in turn, did some special recognition of 3 top Oregon NPC competitors.  These are long time competitors who competed in many RK Smith shows and have been doing it for up to 15 years.  They were Figtness & Figure Champion Leta Gorman, Figure Champion Jen Rabourn, Bodybuilding Champion Matty Parsons and special recognition to Bikini Champion Francesca  Yumul.  She deserved extra recognition as she not only won the 2012 Oregon Ironman Overall, she also went on to win and earn her IFBB Pro Card at the 2012 NPC Nationals in Atlanta, GA.  Congratulations to all of these great competitors. 
Sunset at Lincoln City
The "Cross Leg"
Bikini competitors during prejudging

Extra special Guest Posers were the awesome physiques of Mouss (Moose) El Bakkouchi (2012 Emerald Cup Overall winner) and IFBB Pro Stephen Frazier from Dallas Texas.  On top of Stephen's amazing posing, he went out into the audience and knocked off some great poses, much to the delight of some squealing ladies.  Back on stage, Stephen brought his young son, Miles and together did another fun physique comparison.  You could see the pride on Stephen's face to see his son  up there with him.  Some noteworthy competitors in this show were over 60 Masters winner, Felton Campbell, who at 60, looked better than many of the Open division Men and would have swept the Open Men Heavyweights easily.  Another was the awesome Ja'Motie Pinckney, who won not only Masters Men over 40, he took Masters Overall and also the Men Open Overall.  He had a lot of trophies to carry.  Congratulations to you!  Women's Physique Competitor Ricky Smead won her division and also the Overall.  She really defines the future of Women's Physique/Bodybuilding with a great overall package.  With so many divisions and classes, it would take too long to list all the other winners, so please go to the Finals page to see the Top fives and Overalls, inluding pics!  This was just another World Class event, the biggest ever Oregon Ironman and the gauntlet has been tossed down to best this show next year.  Congratulations to the whole crew and RK Smith Productions for the best ever!  See you all next year.

NPC Oregon Head Judge, Dominic Current
Over the stage
Check in, night before the show
Chinook Winds Casino
Felton Campbell, over 60 Masters winner
The amazing trophies
Kim Farrison, the outstanding MC
Bikini Division
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