2014 Oregon Ironman Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness & Bikini, May 17, 2014

Wow, this is the biggest Oregon Ironman yet, with 343 competitors, all competing on stage at the beautiful Chinook Winds Casino and Resort.  This was a record number of competitors for RK Smith Productions and the Oregon Ironman, evensurpassing the 2013 Seven Feathers.  Biggest show ever for RK Smith Productions.


Every year, the Oregon Ironman has grown in size and popularity, which required a new change in the show's format. 

Rather than the traditional morning prejuding and evening Finals, the Ironman was split into two different events.  12:00pm show was Men's Physique and Women's Bikini divisions.  8:00pm show was Bodybuilding, Women's Physique, Figure and Fitness.

Once again, the show was expertly and effortlessly emceed by   Kim Farrison!

Kim Kong Farrison who always keeps the event fun, lively and keeps the momentum going with never a dull moment.  Best part is when he will have an athlete talk with him on stage and it makes it more personal!
This year's trophies and crowns, looking fantastic!  The Smiths always do a great job with great looking trophies, and they are especially appreciative of Training teams that come to the show and recognize them accordingly.
Gotta love the surf motif!  Sue Smith and the entire turn the entire venue into one big Beach party! 
This year's Ironman featured a HUGE comeback for bodybuilding.  From Bantamweight to Super Heavy, Novice, Masters and Open Men's categories were huge and judging was super tough, especially in the Light Heavy and Heavyweight Divisions.  These guys looked like Pros!  Very impressive classes and hope to see even more!
Women's Physique is fast overtaking Women's Bodybuilding and was evident in the ever expanding divisions, four this year alone, including Masters and three height categories.  Introduced just a few years ago, it is a great showcase for muscle and feminity without having to wear heels.  Look for even more competitors to join this fast growing segment of the show.
Bikini and Men's Physique dominate their own show now, with many Men's Master, Novice and 6 open classes.  Men's Physique is a force to be reckoned with and will only continue to grow, proving its popularity with the crowds.  Bikini is just as dominant, with its own Master and Novice and Open classes.  Who knew this would ever rival Bodybuilding and Figure? 
Figure still holds its own, this year combined with Women's Physique and Bodybuilding.  It's still nice to see grace and beauty, and watching the T turns is still fun to watch as well. 
The Fitness competitors were exemplary this year, including some jaw dropping routines, including Kivonna Coccia's "Cell Block Tango".  It was simply amazing!  Mary Walter did a great routine also, balancing and jumping with her umbrella, but Kivonna hands down blew away everyone with her athleticism. 
  Mary Walter, doing a great routine!
Men's Physique Competitors, during the afternoon show. Bikini competitors, showing their assets to the judges.
This year, NPC National Level Bodybuilder, Matt Porter came on stage to Guest Pose.  Not only was he massive, he was in Contest shape, which is great to see.  He has many titles under his belt, and will no doubt, earn many more.  See more of his pics on the Guest Poser page.
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