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This is the biggest and best by far, NPC 7 Feathers Championship ever, with 373 competitors!

Closeup of the stage

It's nothing short of amazing when the Seven Feathers becomes so popular, it becomes two entirely separate shows.  The morning show was Men's Physique and Bikini.  The evening show was Bodybuilding, Women's Physique, Figure & Fitness! Both shows were emceed by the one and only Kim "Kong" Farrison!  And, as always, people were guessing what he would be wearing this time.  And he did not disappoint!  Ron and Sue, the producers of the Seven Feathers, were introduced by Kim.  They also introduced some new IFBB Pros and also recognized Training Teams that brought their athletes to compete at the shows.

As usual, Men's Physique and Women's Bikini made a huge splash with the best looking beach bodies. 
The Overall Open winners were:
Men's Physique Masters Jason Lobaugh, Men's Physique Open Justin Jones.
Bikini Masters Tiffany Baratta, Bikini Open Priscilla Lucci.

Evening Show Overalls were amazing!  The standout Overall winner was Sid McThomas who swept Masters Men Bodybuilding and Open Men's Bodybuilding.  You could hear the gasps coming from the audience when he stepped on stage for Masters Prejuding.  He's one of those bodybuilders who won simply by stepping on stage, he was that awesome!  Bodybuilding made a huge comeback this year with some great looking heavyweights and Super Heavyweights!  It's great to see the big boys back on stage and to see bodybuilding make a return like this.  Fitness competitors were also in force with three competitors this year and all did some very amazing routines, including one that was breathtaking, done to the "Circle of Life", by Danielle Woodard.

Emotional win for Sid McThomas

Overall winners from the evening show included:
Women's Physique Jennie Bowden , Masters and Open Men Sid McThomas , Masters & Open Figure Sadie Francis and Women's Open Bodybuilding, Julie Schultz.

The shows are done in a new format now, where prejudging is done first, then the competitors step off the stage, then the Top Five are announced and trophies are given.  Like it or not, it's a format that works very well, and with the skill of Kim Farrison, it's done efficiently and smoothly, which keeps everyone happy.  There was also a new scoring system done entirely by computer, which looked awesome.  It saves on paper, and then the emcee gets the results right away.  It's a great system!

Jumping for joy

It's so awesome to see so many athletes turn out from all over Oregon and beyond to attend this show.  It speaks a lot of the care put into it and the promoters care for the athletes and the attention to every detail of the show, from something as simple as the table settings, to the attention to detail on stage and attention to the athletes. 

It is a show that will continue to grow, as it always attracts the best Oregon has to offer and will always be the Number One Show in the state!  May Ron and Sue produce many more shows and may they be even more successful next year!  God Bless!

Kim's Evening Look
The Stage, done by Sue Smith
Always at the Show
In Memory of Genevieve Moreno
Kim, Ron & Sue
Judge-Eye view
Kim receives his Famous Celebrity MC award
Bikini Overall Finalists
She's hot 'cause she knows it!
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