2015 UNBA Samson & Delilah
USA Muscle Classic
Torrance, California
May 09, 2015
This is the first year the UNBA has split shows and the UNBA Samson & Delilah Muscle Classic is now held in May in Torrance, California.  Doris and Eric Waits promote a great show and with the new location and venue, it was well attended and very fun to watch. 
Bodybuilding was well represented in men's and women's divisions.  There were two different classes represented by Men's Physique.  Women's Bikini was a very large division as well as Women's Figure.  Gwendolyn Malone was the Mistress of Ceremonies and she was funny and energetic and kept the pace going throughout the show.  It was a rolling show, which meant there was no stretch of time between the prejudging and Finals.  It made for a much easier, smooth moving show. 
Gwendolyn Malone
The Venue
Overall Bodybuilding Trophy
More trophies
And more trophies
Gwendolyn kept announcing a special treat that would be appearing for everyone.  That special treat was Prolab Athlete and IFPA Pro, Moji Oluwa.  He did an incredible posing routine.  It was spot on, superbly choreographed and the audience loved it.  Moji appeared throughout the show, giving away a raffle prize and also presenting 1st place and overall awards.
The Raffle
A special inspiration award
The Raffle Winner