A memorable show full of great talent, athletes and surprises!!!
The 2008 Seven Feathers Show, was in my opinion, the best ever produced by Ron and Susan Smith. It was a very intimate show, but 86 athletes overall took part in the competition as well as a surprising appearance of fantastic guest posers and a very special inspirational surprise.
Before the show started, Gerri Deach-Davis, National Level competitor and top bodybuilder, made a very special guest appearance and did an extremely rousing routine, saluting our soldiers in uniform. Joining her on stage were several of our own men from the US Army, Specialists Benjamin Standley, Henry Vannarath and Bryan Justice. It was very patriotic routine and was very well received by the audience. Being interviewed by Kim Farrison, the emcee extraordinaire, Gerri explained that "we don't have freedom without our soldiers".What a tribute to our brave soldiers who serve our country.
Kim Farrison, emcee extraordinaire

After Kim Farrison announced the start of the show, he kept the audience engaged and entertained, as much with his wit and humor as well as with his unbelievably eclectic wardrobe. Who else could wear these ensembles? Nobody! He's an original!!

The competition started with the Women's Fitness round, and two very athletic ladies took to the stage, Sierra Chiverton and Heather Skaar. It was Heather who won the Fitness class, and it would not be her only win for the night!

Next was the Women's Figure one piece round, and a very large class of women took to the stage. This proved to be one diffucult decision for the judges, and they had their work cut out for them.

. In the Figure Under 5'2", first place was won by Brittani Simpson, a stunning competitor who went on in this contest to wow us some more. In the Figure Under 5'4", first place was won by Lisa Phillips, in Figure Women under 5'6", Wendy Bogard took first spot. The Figure 5'6" and over was won by Heather Skaar, her second win for the night.

Junior Men Bodybuilding was next, and the top spot went to Jake Dadkah.

Women's Figure Masters Short round was next and this was a very large class, the largest in the entire competition. 11 very competitive ladies strutted their stuff and in the words of one judge, these women did not look 35, as evidenced by their near-perfect figures that would give 20 year old girls a run for their money. But, as only one person could win, first place was taken by Brittani Simpson.

Women's Figure Masters Tall was won by Wendy Bogard, another multiple winner in the show.

Chris Fisher

Up next was the Novice Men's Division, bodybuilding.

In the Novice Lightweight class, first place was given to a very enthusiastic Michael Jarvi. Novice Men middleweight was gleefully taken by Chris Fisher, who did a great routine ala' street-wise hombre. The Men's Light Heavyweight winner was Phillip Melahn, and in the Novice Men Heavyweight class, first was won by Jack Mader and who also deservedly won the Novice Overall.

Matthew and his parents
Matthew, his award and Kim Farrison
Matthew Hauffman
A very special inspirational award was given to one of the Novice Middleweight contestants. Matthew Hoffman took fifth in his class, but he received a very special award as he was involved in a terrible accident. He was hit by a drunk driver. He was not expected to live, but he survived. He had to fight back from paralysis and being 90lbs and worked his way back up to 180 pounds to compete in this contest. He wrote a poem that was read by Kim Farrison to the audience, then he was given his award and then joined by his parents on stage. He's a brave young man, inspirational, and a real fighter.
Gerri receives her award and a hug from Ron
The Open Women Middleweight bodybuilding class was next and with just three competitors, was won by Julie Dryer and presented by Gerri Deach-Davis, who, in turn, was also presented a Special Achievement Award for her outstanding achievement to bodybuilding. The list of her achievements and her contribution to the sport and her selflessness makes her one very special person. She was one very happy lady.
Before the next class was to be announced, another special guest poser made her appearance. National level Fitness Pro and Baton Champion Nikki Crawford guest posed, or rather, catapaulted onto stage. She did a dizzying routine that would leave any mere mortal breathless. The jumps and leaps just made me sweat. She's one in-shape hot lady. Incidentally, Nikki was also the presenter for the Figure Overall Award and the winner was none other than Brittani Simpson.
Masters Men was next. In the Masters Over 40, some of the best male physiques came out on stage. Even relaxed, Mel Taylor blew everyone out of the water. He rightly took first in this class. Masters Men over 50 was won by Dale Rene and Masters Over 60 taken by Terry Fultz who did a great routine to Purple Rain.
Team Next Level receiving the award from Ron Smith and the entire team showing off their award
A special Team Award was presented to Team Next Level by Ron smith. The leader of this team looks like a drill sargeant, and he certainly told a story of how he trained his team. He is one hard nosed coach, but definitely deserved the award.
There was one more special recognition award. Ron Smith called Michael Kindred to the stage. Michael was recognized for his invaluable contribution to the sport of bodybuilding. Ron also considers him a good friend and a great competitor. He really is a super nice individual. I had a chance to talk to him also and he and his wife are super nice people.
The Open Men's Class was next starting with Men's Bantamweight won by Bob Bauer. Men's Middleweight winner was Brentton Gilgan. Light Heavyweight was taken by Joel Dale and the hardest class of all, Open Heavyweight was claimed by Mel Taylor. This was not an easy class to judge, but Mel deserved it.
Todd performing, and his wife Shawna
Before the Overall Men's winner was decided, another special guest poser came on stage to perform. Todd Jewell is a nationally ranked bodybuilder who is working hard to gain his IFBB Pro Card. He is a local hero in his home town of Lynnwood, Washington for stopping a would-be bank robber trying to hold up a bank. Todd and his wife, Shawna had walked into the bank when the robber attempted the heist, but Todd jumped him and took the robber down and also broke a few of his ribs. He held him down until the police arrived and arrested him. Right on, Todd!!

Finally, the Open Men's Overall Winner was decided. Mel Taylor won the Overall and was presented his award by Todd Jewell. You can expect to see more of this man and his incredible physique.

This ended another fantastic show put on by Ron and Susan Smith. And as always, the athletes, presenters and Kim Farrison always comment on what a great job they do putting together a show like this. It's no wonder a lot of the same athletes come back every year to compete. And their crew also contribute to make it a standout. Great show, great athletes, and super nice people, Ron and Sue!! See you next year!

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